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Newspaper Clippings. One World Family-- Allen Michael. Owens, Ted. Page Research, Etc. Periodicals, Non English. Religion and UFO's. Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer. Saucer Diary. Schmidt, Reinholdt. Smith, Enid. A Spacewoman Speaks. Steiger, Brad. Transvaal Episode. Trepanier, Clyde. UFO Articles. UFO Groups. UFO Periodicals List. Venus Speaks. Abduction Study Conference at M. Adamski, George. Adventures Unlimited. Albert S. Greenfield Memorial Press. American Association of Meta-Science-Specula. American Office of Figu.

American UFO National. Ancient Astronaut Society. Ancient Astronaut Society-Newspaper Articles. Antahkarana, Inc. Aquarian Perspectives. Arcturus Book Service. Armstrong, Virgil. Association for the Understanding of Man. Australian UFO Researcher. Barker, Gray. Bartsch, Leo. Bearden, Thomas. Bemis Distributing Co. Blue Rose Ministry. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. Bradbury, Ray. Brady, Enid. California UFO. Campione, Michael J. Carroll, St. Thomas Marion. Chicago Fortean Circle. Christ Brotherhood.

Christian Research of Aerial Phenomena. Chronicle of Diophantes. Civilian Saucer Investigation. Civilian Saucer Investigation-Space Probe. Cleveland Flying Saucer Club. College of Universal Wisdom. Colorado UFO Project. Contact International. Contact International U. Contact International United Kingdom -Awareness. Cosmic Bulletin-Adamski, George. Cosmic Frontiers. Cosmic Science Research Center. Cosmic Star Temple. Dell Publishing Co. Delval UFO, Inc. Department of the Air Force. Desert Center for Psychic Research. Dilts, Russell Le Roy. Documentos de Ummo Publicados.

Earth Colonisation Research Association. ET Workshops, Inc. Evangelical Newsletter-Albrecht, Mark.


The Astromusical House Of Leo

Extra-Terrestrial Communications Network. Fair-Witness Project, Inc. False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Flying Saucer Convention- New York. Flying Saucer News-Service. Flying Saucer Observations. Flying Saucers International. Foundation for UFO Research. Friedman, Stanton T. Frontiers of Science. Graven Images. Ground Saucer Watch, Inc. Harburger UFO Cult. Hawk Research Society. Heralds of the New Age. Hewes, Hayden. Hodan Speaks. Inner Light Publications. International Fortean Organization. International UFO Congress. Interplanetary News Service.

Interplanetary Study Group. Interstel Alliance. Intruders Foundation. John Rain-Maker's Monthly Newsletter. Last Day Messages. Lazar, Bob-Interview. Lee, Gloria. Letters to Hereward Carrington. Light Affiliates. Lil Research. Manning, Linda-Medium. Mark-Age Meta Center, Inc.

Domicile (astrology)

Messiah's World Crusade Caravans. Metascience Foundation, Inc. Ministry of Universal Wisdom. Moore, William L. Neff, Earl J. Netherlands Study Group for Ufology. New Atlantean Research Society. Norsk UFO Center. Occult Studies Program. Odyssey Research. Orbit Family. Other World Memories Society. Paranormal-Greely, Andrew M. Pea Research Publication. Pendragon Society. Planetary Center. Planetary Citizens.

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Planetary Commission for Global Healing. Power Places Tours. Project Antares Monthly Report. Project 'B' Keel, John A. Project Starlight International. Raelian Movement. Rand Corporation. Reiss, Andy-Contactee. Research Communications Network. Royal Priest Research. Samisdat Publications. San Francisco Interplanetary Club. Santa Barbara Center for Humanistic Studies.

Saucer News. Second Look. Semjase Silver Star Center. Senzar, Inc. Shadow of the Unknown. Skandinavisk UFO Information. Society for Scientific Exploration. Society for the Advancement of Civilization. Solar Cross Foundation. Solar Light Center.

THE ASTROMUSICAL HOUSE OF GEMINI vintage original Astrology/occult LP+ SEALED

Solar Light Retreat. Sourcebook Project-Science Frontiers. Southwestern Bigfoot Research Team-- Bigfootimes. Space Age Center. Space Age Foundation. Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. Sprinkle, Leo R. Starlight Center. Starmast Productions. Study Center of Cosmic Fraternity. Twilight Zone Fanzine. Investigations Research, Inc. UFO Conferences. UFO Education Center. UFO Enterprises. UFO Experience Conference.

UFO Expo. UFO Expo West. UFO Information Network. UFO Library. UFO Library for Children. UFO Newsletter. UFO Society of Edmonton. Unarius-Unarius Light. Underground Video. Understanding, Inc. Universal Cooperative Fellowship, Inc. Universal Faith and Wisdom Association, Inc. Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Venus Venous Research. Von Daniken, Erich. Walton, Travis. Ware, Donald M. White Star. Wirral UFO Society. Aerial Phenomenon Clipping and Information Center.

Amazing UFO's. Anchor of Golden Light. Anomaly Book News. Anomaly Newsletter. Base 12 Monitor. Canadian UFO Report. Caveat Emptor. Celestial News. Chaos-The Review of the Damned. Clarion Call. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. Coming Changes. Common Ground. Communion Letter-Strieber, Whitley. Contactos Extraterrestres. Cosmic Astronauts. Cosmic News. Cosmic Science Newsletter. Cosmic Voice. Creature Chronicles-Hominid Research Group. Crossroads Quarterly. Electric Spacecraft Journal.

Fantastic Universe. Far Out. Flying Saucer Review. Flying Saucers and UFO's Flying Saucers from Other Worlds. Flying Saucers-Mysteries of the Space Age. Four: A Christian Newsletter of the Tribulation. Full Moon. Future Fantasy. Future Times. Gold Sector 1. Golden Rays Communications Center. Ideal's UFO Magazine 1.

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The Intelligents' Report. International UFO Reporter. Interplanetary News-England and U. Kor's Kosmos. Ley Hunter. Light Speed. Meyn Mamuro. Midnight Call.

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Mystique Magazine. National Exchange. New Age Dawning. New Dawn. New Era. New Report on Flying Saucers. Official Flying Saucer Newspaper. Open Line. Phenomena Magazine. Photo Communique. Picwinnard-Magazine of Wessex Leys and Folklore. Psychic Research Bulletin. Quicksilver Messenger. Res Bureaux Bulletin. Saucer Album. Saucer Scoop. Saucerian Bulletin. Saucers, Space and Science. Science and Mechanics. Sighter Gazette. Space Probe.

Space Quest. Space World. Stargate Times. Strange Magazine. Strange Phenomena. These Times. UFO - Critical Bulletin.

Love in the Birth Chart: The Moon Through the Houses

UFO Pasadena, Ca. UFO and Alien Comix. UFO Canada. UFO Encounters. UFO Forum Newsletter. UFO News. UFO Papers. UFO Quebec. UFO Reality. UFO Report. UFO Research F. UFO Researchers Newsletter. UFO Sighter. UFO Sightings Newsletter. UFO Tattler. UFO Times. UFO Uncensored. UFO Universe. UFO Update! Journal of Facts. Ufology Notebook. UFO's UFO's Alien Encounters. Unidentified Flying Objects. Universal Network. Unsolved UFO Sightings. Unusual News. Vestigia Newsletter. Waiting in the Wings. Who Knows? Would You Believe? Articles [2 folders].

Books on Astrology. Classes, Courses, Video. History in U. Seminars and Conferences. Writings--Aldrich, Elizabeth. Writings--Bhakti, Seva. Writings--Colville, W. Writings--Craig, Katherine Taylor. Writings--Herndon, Howard V. Writings--Jennings, Elenor. Writings--Keifer, James D. Writings--Pagan, Isabelle. Writings--Sullivan, Anna. Writings--Van Deusen. S Network, Gemini II. Academy of Atlantis. Academy of Mystic Arts. ACS Publications. AIR Software. Alpha Services. American Astrological Association.

American Federation of Astrologers. American Federation of Scientific Astrologers. Anaheim Psychic Institute. Aquarian Spiritual Center. Aquarius Workshops Inc. Aquila Astrology. ASI Computers. Assembly of Scientific Astrologers. Association for Astrological Psychology. Association for Research in Cosmetology. Astro Cartography.

Astro Communications. Astro Computing Services. Astro Direction. Astro intelligence U. Astro Link Astro Logic. Astro Logical. Astro Logos. Astro Research Society Inc. Astro Synthesis. Astro Template. Astro Visions. Astro Yoga Foundation. Astro-Analytis Productions. Astroflash Panamerican Inc. Astrolabe Software. Astrologers' Guild of America. Astrological Association of America. Astrological Bureau of Ideas. Astrological Consulting of San Diego. Astrological Profiles.

Astrological Psychology Institute. Astrological Registration and Communication. Astrological Society of Ft. Astrological World Headquarters. Astrology Advertiser. Astrology and Psychic News. Astrology Et Al. Astrology Forum. Astrology in the Helping Professions. Astrology Information. Astrology Research Center. Astrology Tapes. Astrology World Congress Astronomical Cartouche.

Birth Star. CAO Times. Center of Light Inc. Colorado Fellowship of Astrologers. Company of Astrologers. Cosmic Express BBS. Cosmic Workshops. CRCS Publications. Debra A. Lynch Astrological Associates. Dell Horoscope. Earth Children. Electric Almanac. Faculty of Astrological Studies. First Temple of Astrology Inc.

Flora Scopes Inc. Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers. Friends of Astrology. Gaquelin, Michel. Gay Astrologer. Great Bear Enterprises. Helia Productions. Heliocentric Astrologers of North America. Hindu Astrology. Horary Practitioner. House of Astrology. Inner Light School of Astrology. Institute for Stellar Influence Studies.

International Astrological Association. International Astrology Foundation. International Astrology Services. International Committee for Humanistic Astrology. Jalart House Inc. Jupiter Publishing Inc. Kepler's College. Kofi's Astrological Center. Lambda Delta Services.

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Language of Astrology. Life Lucky Horoscope. Lucky Star. Lunar Newsletter. Madison Astrology Society. Mason's Bookshop Inc. Matrix Astrostar. Matrix Software. Mayan Astrology. Mercury Hour. Miami Astrology Society. Michigan Astrological Association. Michigan Metro Astrological Network. Midstates Astrology Convention. Moonbow Astrolgy Retreat. National Astrological Society. National Council for Geocosmic Research.

New York Astrology Center. New York School of Astrology. Northwest Astrological Conference. Norvell Astrology Center. Numerological Research Center. Ordo Lux Kethri. Ostaro Show. Para Research. Paths and Portals. Pegasus Tapes. Personal Development Institute. A Place in Time. Professional Astroilogers Incorporated. Professional Astrologers Coming Together. Professional Astrology Co. Psychic Institute of Las Vegas. Quabala of Chiron. Reagan and Astrology. Registry of Sidereal Astrologers. Rhudyar, Dan. Sagittarian Moon Metaphysical Services.

San Diego Astrological Society. Santa Barbara Astrologers. School for Cyclelogical Studies. School of Astro-Psychological Studies. Scientific Thought in Astrological Research. Seven Hills Astrological Conference. Sidereal Astrology. Silver Wheel. Skyhawk Productions. Southwestern Astrological Conference. Spiritual Awareness Center. Spiritual Therapy as Astrology. Star Children and New Age Calendar. Star Tech. Star Visions. Starcraft Studies. Symbolic Dimensions. Tarot Network News. Thank Your Lucky Stars. Time Cycles Research. United Astrology Conference United Astrology Congress.

University of Trinology. Uranian Society. Valley-Educational Astrology Inc. Washington Astrology Forum. Wright Institute of Astrological Studies. Zodiac Graphics. AFA Bulletin. American Astrological Student and Adept. Amethyst Forum. Aquarian Astrology. Aquarian Voices. Aquarius Rising. Astro News. Astro Search. Astro Spectrum. Astro Statistics. Astrocycle Forecast.

Astrologers' Almanac. Astrologers' Corner. Astrologers' Planetarium. Astrological Forecast. Astrological Journal. Astrological Magazine. Astrology Astrology Guide Home Study. Astrology Newspaper. Astrology Plus. Astrology Times. Astrology Today. Astrology West. Astrology Yearbook. Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. Astronomy and Astrology Review. Astro-Psychic Adviser. Christian Science Pamphlet. Complete Horoscope. Contemporary Astrological Observations.

Cosmecology Bulletin. Cosmic Dimension. Cosmic Grapevine.

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